We love you lots


I was thinking about what our family has been going through recently and I wanted to thank you again for all the work you put into making sure Margo and I are doing alright while we all deal with Tab's passing. We hope we're able to mirror your support back to you during this time as we all find our feet and our priorities again. This Sunday will be rough for all of us, but symbolically I think it will mark the beginning of a new chapter in our lives - despite everything, the sun still rises every morning.

We love you lots ❤



Thank you for all of the amazing time and effort you've put into raising us, from allowing us many opportunities while growing up to continuing to check in on and cheer us on as we start to pursue our own lives as well. Now that we don't live with you any more, it's become very obvious how much you did for us to not only support us while growing up, but also how much you've prepared us for as adults.

One of the coolest things about having you as a mom tho is hands down that we can brag about you! You do all sorts of wonderful volunteer and professional work, and the effort you put into things is always top notch. We love to tell our our friends about how awesome you are at climbing both literal and figurative mountains, and how you've got the physical strength to move them as well. It doesn't stop there of course, you're a positive person that we're always happy to confide in, and you're a great person to point at as an example of someone who always continues to grow and revisit personal viewpoints. You keep your house spotless, like really clean, so much so that people don't always believe us, and your organizational and "stuff management" skills are on point. On the other hand, your plant caretaking skills still are a work-in-progress, but they're getting much better!

We've got many fun memories of you taking us on a picnics at pumpkin point, and our our silly in-jokes have and will, without a doubt, continue to bring smiles to our faces and get us strange looks from onlookers. It's not just fun outings we like to think about, but also your thoughtful advice. Being an adult is hard. As we continue to figure out how to do that we might lose our way from time to time, but we can do so confident that you'll always be able to help guide us back to shore if the waters get rough!

You've been a positive influence on our lives and a terrific role model, and the events of the last few months especially have really driven that point home. What stands out about you most about everything we've mentioned is what an amazingly considerate person you are through grief and joy, sleet or sun. You're truly someone to look up to.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, and happy Mother's Day!

Made with ❤ by Matthew and Margo for Anita